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Last Updated: 3/2/2014 8:19 AM

With four green juices as part of the Forager Project brand line-up -- the company identifies them as Greens A, B, C and D -- we decided to go right down the line and try them in order. In terms of flavor, this is your classic apple-sweetened green juice delivered in organic and HPP form. We quickly tasted cucumbers, celery, kale and spinach, while the product also contains collard greens, sprouted broccoli, limes and ginger. And, of course, there’s apple, which makes this flavor sweeter than Greens B, C or D. Still, it’s not too sweet, with 24g of sugar if you drink the entire bottle. On the outside, the square 16 oz. plastic bottle certainly looks the part of a cold-pressed juice. However, with all four of these green drinks, we think there needs to be some more visual differentiation or a description of the flavor. As it stands right now, we think new consumers will have a tough time choosing a flavor. And they certainly can’t quickly understand the sweetness levels of the flavors (Greens B, for example, has almost no sweetness). Overall, solid flavor inside the bottle, but the naming convention is definitely confusing.


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16oz Plastic

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