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Last Updated: 3/2/2014 8:19 AM

The “Nuts A” variety of Forager project is the company's riff on a classic nut milk. The 100 percent organic blend starts with water, cashews and almonds, which it's then kicked up with oats, dates, vanilla bean, cinnamon and sea salt. The resulting mixture is nutty and creamy, with a very light level of sweetness and a slightly salty finish. We like the fact that you can also taste the oats, which, despite being a subtle flavor, adds a familiar flavor to the mix. Like most nut milks that we’ve sampled, this one is somewhat gritty, but it definitely seems along the same lines as other products on the market. Finally, we definitely like the fact that this product isn’t loaded with sugar (8g per bottle). Visually, the product does a nice job of blending “artisanal” with “polished.” The design is geared at making it easy to see what’s in the product (the ingredient list is on the front), but we feel as though more could be done to brand the flavors (“Nuts A” sounds weird). Otherwise, we like the vibe of the brand. Overall, an enjoyable and well-executed product.


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