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Last Updated: 3/2/2014 8:19 AM

With its Nuts B formulation, Forager Project has started with a base that appears to be identical to its Nuts A product, but with added cold brew coffee and cocoa. The result is something that’s rich and complex, but manages to have only 220 calories and 8g of sugar per bottle. The product drinks very much like a high-end bottle of iced coffee, aside from the grit of the nut milk. However, the flavor of the nut milk as well as the earthy sweetness of the dates (which is very faint) help elevate the coffee and make for something that is extremely enjoyable. Visually, it’s easy to distinguish this variety from the Nuts A product thanks to the darker brown color of the liquid. Evaluating the product by itself, it has a clean and polished that has an artisanal vibe to its appearance. For a product that’s about being organic and minimally processed, this seems like a logical approach. However, the name, Nuts B, doesn’t seem like a brandable or memorable name. Something that is more personable and incorporates the cold brew coffee would seem like a better approach. Still, this is a relatively minor concern. Overall, a very enjoyable product.


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Dairy: Dairy Alternative, Coffee: Cold Brew


16oz Plastic

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