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Last Updated: 3/2/2014 8:19 AM

Roots A is a unique 100 percent organic blend of carrots, cucumbers, apples, oranges, ginger, apple cider vinegar, spearmint and sprouted flax. Forager has done a nice job of blending familiar flavors (carrots, cucumbers, apples, oranges) with ones that aren’t typically used in a juice product (e.g. apple cider vinegar and sprouted flax). The resulting mix is earthy, slightly sweet, and has a mellow acidity to its finish. Plus, we appreciate its relatively low-level of sweetness (20g of sugar per bottle), which seems to be right where it should be to enhance but not overwhelm the flavors of the drink. Taking a look at the packaging, this is definitely one of the more standout packages of the Forager Project line. We say that partially because the Roots flavors (A, B and C) have more variation in the color of the liquid. This one, which is the lightest of the three, is visually recognizable and memorable simply on that alone. However, we’d still love it if the text and naming convention were more helpful in figuring out the product’s taste. Otherwise, it’s polished, clean and appealing to the sense.


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16oz Plastic

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