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Last Updated: 8/9/2010 10:45 AM

Forgiven Energy, who’s tagline is “Fuel Your Soul”, is an energy drink that features “classic” energy drink flavor. Functionally, things are also rather similar to what’s already out there, with 75 mg of caffeine, 1000 mg of taurine, B vitamins, and herbal ingredients. So, contrary to whatever the brand marketer’s intentions are, the product feels very much like a me-too product with its eyes on the likes of Red Bull and Monster. The problem for this – and every other energy drink that takes this approach – is that the majority of consumers will just stick with those brands and those that do try it will immediately think “This tastes like Red Bull / Monster / whatever else they already drink.” This makes it really hard for a brand like Forgiven to create its own identity and loyal following outside of its home base (where being local will matter to some), unless it’s at a high discount. Even the packaging, which is obviously an original effort from Forgiven, feels like something that we’ve seen before, both because of the aggressive look and type treatment that they’ve chosen. In our opinion, trying to do something original in flavor, function, or packaging would, even if it seems like the road to making a buck is longer, be the right path for a brand like this. Until then, we think that this is a value priced brand at best.


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