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Last Updated: 10/17/2013 10:49 AM

The Cucumber & Mint flavor in Found’s Sparkling Water lineup is a lightly sweetened (with sugar) sparkling mineral water beverage that is imported from Turkey. The product has a decent amount of flavor to it, with the cucumber being the dominant essence. The mint and sweetness come in as secondary flavors, but both are very subtle (there are 14g of sugar in the bottle). While we like the level of carbonation that’s in the drink, the finish is a bit too sharp and tart. Dialing this down would definitely be an improvement. Visually, the look of the 11.2 oz. glass bottle is attractive and polished to the point where it’s certainly the most compelling part of the product. However, the color selection of this particular flavor makes it somewhat hard to read (you really can’t read anything on the back of the bottle). Still, it seems like something that could certainly work in both on-premise and off-premise and probably command a premium price. Overall, the product could certainly use a bit of refinement in the areas of flavor and packaging execution, but it’s definitely a very nice start.


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11.2oz Glass

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