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Last Updated: 10/17/2013 10:49 AM

Of the flavored varieties of Found Sparkling, this is arguably the best one. Not only does it have the most balanced and enjoyable taste, but it also seems like the right kind of flavor for a brand of this type. The base sparkling mineral water goes nicely with the added sugar and elderflower, resulting in something that’s crisp, slightly sweet and floral in finish. It has a sophisticated and extremely refreshing vibe that seems like a requirement for a product of this type. Plus, we like the fact that it delivers a lot of flavor and has only 62 calories per 11.2 oz. bottle. This seems like something that’s low enough to pull in calorie-conscious consumers -- and we think they’ll be pleased with how much flavor the product has. In terms of branding and positioning, we have some mixed feelings. On the one hand, the look of the product is clean and very appealing. The “FOUND” brand feels modern and hip, while also managing to stand out with an uncommon bottle choice and solid execution. On the other hand, the positioning of the product as an “infused sparkling water” might confuse some, especially since the product has more flavor than a standard sparkling water. Nevertheless, we’re fans of what the company has created and, despite some potential need for refinement, this is definitely a very solid product.


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11.2oz Glass

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