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Function's Light Weight Blueberry Raspberry is a low calorie drink designed to burn calories through the use of EGCG, gymnema, resveratrol. The flavor itself is quite pleasant, especially given the drink's use of sucralose, and there's are discernable notes of raspberry, blueberry, and green tea flavors to it. And as far as the "function" goes, this is one of the more believable and marketable of the Function Drinks lineup. It?s also one of the flavors where the recently revised bottle and label make sense. After all, when it comes to weight loss, a formula that was "created by physicians" seems much more important than on an energy product. The same can be said for the addition of the "5 calories" badge, which further helps to quickly explain what this product is all about. However, we still feel as though the less prominent placement of the flavor name (in a ring around the top) is a big mistake, especially with more and more entries (and better tasting ones, too) into the calorie burning space. Overall, this is a product that looks more professional and eye catching than its predecessor, but the poor placement of the flavor name is a definite negative.


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