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Last Updated: 2/15/2011 12:53 PM

Peach Mango is one of Function?s more recent additions to their "Light Weight" line. With only 5 calories per serving thanks to the use of sucralose and ace-k, Peach Mango is an enjoyable tasting product. The peach and mango flavors are accurate, while the sweetness is natural and doesn?t have too much aftertaste. Functionality, as stated by the name, is substantiated with EGCG (from green tea), polygonum cuspidatum, and gymnema extract. Obviously, there?s no way to tell you whether or not this works, but if you?re into calorie burning drinks, this certainly isn?t a bad choice. On the packaging front, the brand has undergone a transformation, adding a new bottle and label that look much more like a supplement product than former package designs did. While to some degree it looks more polished, we question their effort to emphasize the "Created by Physicians" logo, which, at this stage of the game, is something that we think they should consider dropping altogether. They?ve also added a new "[LW]" badge (short for Light Weight), which is distracting to the eye and will make it even harder for consumers to find the flavor name in its new position (it?s on a thin ring at the top). In addition, the "5 calorie" badge seems like something that?s part of the flavor name and it?s inconsistent with the other products in the Function line. That being said, moving it a bit would probably help things. Overall, the flavor is more or less the same as we remember it, but the new bottle and associated branding changes are ultimately dampened by the product looking more like a supplement and less like a beverage that we?d want to drink on a regular basis.


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