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Last Updated: 8/18/2010 5:29 PM

Urban Detox, which is arguably the most well-marketed part of the Function Drinks brand, has been given a new flavor: Pomegranate Cherry. From a taste perspective, it’s very drinkable, with a sugar sweetened mix of tart fruit flavors. You can definitely taste the cherry flavor, but the pomegranate seems to blend in with the product’s functional ingredients. Really, the only thing that we dislike about the flavor end of things is the aroma, which has a slight off note to it. Functionally, this product uses the same blend of “detox” ingredients that are found in the other Urban Detox flavors, including vitamins, electrolytes, prickly pear extract (anti-inflammatory), and N-acetyl cysteine (antioxidant) . While it’s obviously very difficult to gauge the product’s effectiveness, this is one place where the “Created by Physicians” tag line is likely to give the product some credibility. However, if you’re really in need of some detox, deciphering the small white text on the back of the label might be somewhat difficult. So, figuring out a way to further dumb down the explanation would be helpful. Still, we think that it visually looks like a product that’s been designed to deliver a function, so the design definitely helps add credibility. And since the flavor is refreshing and hydrating, we think that consumers who pick this one up won’t be disappointed.


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Functional: Recovery and Hangover


16.9 oz PET

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