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Last Updated: 12/18/2009 4:39 PM

The Goji Berry flavor of Urban Detox was the first flavor to be introduced the last time that Function changed their bottle. It still has a pleasant berry flavor to it, although we can't say it tastes like goji. There's a moderate level of sweetness to it, which helps mask the slightly "functional" finish that the drink has. The function of the drink is, as the name suggests, detox, which comes in the form of N-Acetyl Cysteine (an amino acid that has been shown to help aide decongestion) and prickly pear fruit extract (which has appeared in hangover drinks for aiding to reduce inflammatory response). On the outside, they've again changed up the bottle, which now has visible ribs to it and is almost completely wrapped with the label. This adds a fair amount of real estate to the label, but we’re not sure that we’re in love with what they’ve done with it. While it certainly looks more polished to the eye, the emphasis on the “Created by Physicians” badge distracts from the important stuff. Namely, what’s the flavor? What’s in this stuff? Both of these elements have been downplayed compared to previous editions, which seems like a step in the wrong direction unless Function is planning on moving to the supplement aisle. If not, we think that they need to do a better job of whetting the appetite – because that’s certainly what the products they are up against in the cooler are doing to lure in customers. Overall, it still tastes good and we like what this variety of Function does from a functional point of view, but their efforts to make this into a marketable product still have some room for improvement.


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Functional: Recovery and Hangover


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