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Last Updated: 3/26/2014 10:48 AM

Garden of Flavor’s Goji Pineapple is one of the five flavors in its line-up that does not contain added probiotics. Instead, this is an unadulterated USDA Organic blend of pineapple, water, apple, goji powder, ginger root, mint and lemon. The pineapple flavor is rather forward, hitting your palate first and lingering throughout the body of the drink. The other flavors are much more subtle, but you can taste the mint, lemon, and goji. Fortunately, the apple blends into the background, making it something that enhances the sweetness of the drink and otherwise seems to stay out of the way. If there’s anything that we could live without, it’s the added water, which, at least for any label reader, is something that will be seen as a negative. Still, the overall flavor is quite enjoyable and we appreciate the company's attempt to create something unique. On the outside, the packaging is playful and has a vibe of freshness. The images are simple and clean, while the front panel text has been kept to a minimum. All of this makes for a product that is professional and appealing. However, we did find Garden of Flavor's visual treatment of the “With Living Probiotics” to be too small such that the flavors that are with / without could be confused. Overall, a nice entry into the HPP juice category.


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