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Last Updated: 3/26/2014 10:48 AM

Garden of Flavor’s “Mean Green” is a blend of USDA Organic cucumber, celery, romaine, kale, spinach, lemon and parsley. The variety lacks any sweet fruit, and as such, the product is pretty much devoid of any sweetness. Fortunately, it’s still quite refreshing, with the main ingredient, cucumber, being the drink’s primary flavor. If there’s any criticism to make about this particular flavor, it’s that the body is pretty thin to the point of bordering on watery. With a name like Mean Green, we honestly expecting something a bit more bold. Otherwise, this product is one of five varieties in the line that doesn’t contain added probiotics, so it’s just a straight up juice. While there’s nothing wrong with this, we do wish that the call out on the label popped out at you a bit more. Still, we like the design of the product, which, with its white background and garden theme, takes a somewhat different approach than other products on the market. It subtly puts the emphasis on the quality of the ingredients, which certainly helps whet the appetite. But, as mentioned in the reviews of the other flavors, we’d still like to see a more prominent flavor call out. Overall, Mean Green is an entry level flavor that is enjoyable and, minor packaging concerns aside, very nice-looking.


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