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Last Updated: 3/25/2014 4:09 PM

Garden of Flavor’s Turmeric Tonic is a blend of water, lemon, blue agave, turmeric, ginger, mint, cayenne and probiotics. From a flavor perspective, the company has done a really nice job. The turmeric flavor is present, both in flavor and aroma, but it doesn’t overpower the lemon and agave that have been incorporated into the formulation. That said, the product is very much a lemonade first and a turmeric drink second (there are certainly more potent turmeric drinks out there). That’s fine by us -- this product is quite tasty and definitely doesn’t feel like a me-too effort. Added probiotics are nice, although they don’t seem integrated into the brand enough to really be a key part of the purchase decision. That said, we could take or leave them as part of this product. But since they are included, we do feel as though the probiotics could use a better call out on the front panel. Otherwise, we like the garden-oriented graphics, which feels like a nice way to point to the product’s raw and only mildly processed origins. If there’s anything that we’d change, it would be to give the flavor name a bit more prominence and better placement. With the current design, your eye has to jump around the package to find it. Overall, an enjoyable product that’s definitely a nice first effort.


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