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Last Updated: 1/10/2008 3:13 PM

We prefer the Orange flavor of G2 over the grape or fruit punch, but more than likely that's just a reflection of how accurate orange flavorings are compared to grape or fruit punch. In any case, the orange flavor does a nice job of masking the added artificial sweeteners, leaving the drink with a full strength level of sweetness but with a low calorie/sugar nutrition panel. It doesn't taste like a typical Gatorade product, but more like what we've come to expect out of the vitamin enhanced water category. That might be OK as this is Gatorade's drink for "non-sweat occasions", but it also might confuse buyers who equate Gatorade as purely a sports drink brand -- especially since the packaging does little explain the drink's purpose. Overall, an interesting concept, but the execution seems a bit flawed.


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