Gazpacho Alcaraz, The Drinkable Salad

Gazpacho Alcaraz, The Drinkable Salad

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Last Updated: 3/27/2014 9:08 AM

Gazpacho Alcaraz is a high pressure processed (HPP) beverage that is billed as “the drinkable salad.” It uses a blend of tomatoes, water, cucumbers, green peppers, onion, extra virgin olive oil, red wine vinegar, garlic cloves and sea salt. From a flavor perspective, it’s very like a gazpacho, with a tomato heavy flavor that’s absolutely delicious. It very much has a fresh and good-for-you taste, while the thick and slightly gritty (perhaps from seeds or vegetable skin) consistency lets you know that high quality and lightly processed ingredients were used. Referring to it as a salad is more confusing than helpful, with the target consumer presumably knowing what gazpacho is anyway. And making us think of salad that’s been liquified simply isn’t all that appealing. Otherwise, the packaging and branding is very straightforward and appealing. Large images of vegetables make for a nice background and help whet the palate, while the word Gazpacho makes it pretty obvious what’s inside the bottle. However, the company's use of grey and white alternating colors for the front label copy is somewhat hard on the eyes. We’d love to see this text -- which really doesn’t help the purchase process -- moved to the back, and the chart of the vegetable content be more prominent. Lastly, we’re curious to see where this product ends up at retail. Is it a juice? A soup? Something else? This, more than anything else, will probably determine Gazpacho Alcaraz’s chances of success. Overall, a very well-executed and enjoyable product that has definitely found one of the more innovative uses of HPP.


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