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Last Updated: 3/31/2010 10:00 AM

Clocking in at 20 calories per 16 oz. can, Give Energy Lite uses a blend of agave and stevia for its sweetener blend. The resulting flavor has an initial note that’s slightly harsh, but as you drink it, it gets more enjoyable. And regardless of that slight off note, this product is worlds apart from the countless artificially sweetened energy drinks that are out there. Plus, the citrus flavors are well done, with identifiable notes of tangerine and melon. Functionally, this product features natural caffeine, gotu kola, yerba mate, guarana, ginkgo biloba, and rhodiola rosea. From our initial test, it seems to be on par with the mainstream energy drinks, which means that you’ll likely feel the buzz from it but it’s not too strong. Packaging features the same wind turbine theme as Give Energy’s full calorie varieties. They’ve added the word “Lite” as well as a badge that calls attention to the product’s use of natural sweeteners. Visually, this design is appealing to the eye, but there are a few small concerns that we have about the layout. First, there’s the text “16” which is placed in a bold looking circle directly below the text on the front panel. The extra emphasis on this seems out of place (it’s obviously a 16 oz. can) and might lead one to believe that this is a callout for the calories. Second, the callout for the sweeteners is easy to miss, both because it’s off to the side and because it’s printed on a silver backdrop, which makes it hard to read. Integrating this more tightly into the front panel would help call the appropriate attention to it. Overall, this is an innovative entry from Give that, despite a few minor tweaks, is very well executed.


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