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Last Updated: 4/5/2010 1:40 PM

Of the two Give Energy Lite flavors, Pear Apple Cherry is the superior flavor, thanks to a stronger, more tart fruit flavor that masks almost all of the sweetener and functional tastes. The fruit flavor is quite good, although we probably wouldn’t identify it as “pear apple cherry” (it’s more like a mild fruit punch). There’s also a somewhat earthy undertone, which again could be the sweeteners and functional ingredients. While it’s good, just a bit more sweetener (agave, hopefully), would make this a better tasting product. And on the functional side of things, the drink’s functional cocktail features natural caffeine, gotu kola, yerba mate, guarana, ginkgo biloba, and rhodiola rosea. There’s some noticeable kick from the product, although they’ve wisely kept it on par with other drinks that you’ll find in the mainstream segment. On the design and packaging fronts, Give is sticking with what’s worked for their sugar sweetened flavors. The same wind turbine, clouds, and lightning landscape has been used on this variety, but they’ve also added a badge to call out the sweeteners and the word “LITE.” This approach gives visual continuity, but it makes doesn’t make it immediately obvious that this is a low calorie product, especially with “LITE” appearing in thin lettering that wraps around the side of the can. Improving that, as well as the readability of the circle that calls out the sweeteners, would make this product visually complete. Overall, the product could definitely be refined further, but we really like what they’ve done so far with this product.


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Functional: Energy Drink: Diet, Tea: Yerba Mate


16 oz Can

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