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Last Updated: 12/21/2010 3:05 PM

Of the Gize flavors that we sampled, this is the only one that has color (albeit from juice) to the liquid. It's also the only one that has added caffeine, which is what makes it earn its "Intense" sub-branding. Inside the bottle, the case of this drink is gold filtered mineral water, natural fruit sweetener, and 12 percent juice, which is actually a mixture of pineapple and orange. While they probably could have stopped there (we think they should have), they added coconut flavoring, which ultimately hurts the product's flavor by adding something that tastes candy-like rather than natural. Pineapple orange might sound less exotic, but nailing the flavor should take higher priority. Also, they've added caffeine and guarana extract, although they do not disclose how much caffeine is in the product. On the outside, the product has the same curved 20cl glass bottle as the other Gize varieties. In this case, this biggest difference is the lack of a clear backdrop, which has been replaced by a yellowish orange hue from this flavor's fruit juice enhanced formulation. It looks really nice — although the "gold filtered" part of the equation seems a bit unnecessary (at least in terms of its space on the front panel) with the flavoring that's inside the product. Overall, a very nice looking product that would taste a lot better if they removed the coconut flavoring.


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Product Type

Water: Enhanced


12 oz Glass

Nutritional Info

165 kj, 38,9 kcal


Natural Mineral Water (add to 100%), Natural Fruit Sweetener (11,6%), Pineapple Juice, Onrange Juice, Citric Acid, Ascorbic Acid, Natural Flavours, Guarana Extract, Caffeine, Pektin, Locust Bean Gum, Ginseng Extract

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