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Last Updated: 9/13/2010 11:34 AM

Go Fast'’s Coconut Energy with Stevia is, as the name suggests, a coconut water enhanced energy drink that is sweetened with stevia (as well as honey and sugar). On the taste front, this product has a strong coconut flavor, which is the result of using both coconut water and coconut flavoring. Combined with the drink’'s sweetener blend and functional ingredients, the product’'s flavor still holds up and is enjoyable, with a natural level of sweetness and minimal aftertaste. Functionally, there’s a lot going on in this can, with 162mg of caffeine, B vitamins, D-Ribose, herbal ingredients, electrolytes and more. It definitely packs a noticeable energy punch, even if you're consuming half the can (which is the listed serving size). On the outside, the product has a busy looking design and a background featuring images of coconuts. While we conceptually like their use of coconut images, they are obscured by the Go Fast logo and the large amount of text that’'s on the can. Speaking of that text, we think there’'s too much, with a bulleted list of functional ingredients hurting the look of the product. Overall, there are a few improvements that could be made to the packaging, but we really like what'’s inside. Definitely worth a try.


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16 oz Can

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