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Last Updated: 8/11/2011 10:47 AM

Hailing from Slovakia, Good Night Drink is one of the better looking and tasting relaxation beverages that we’ve sampled. The lightly carbonated drink has a flavor that we’d describe as lemon lime cucumber (the label calls it “cactus fig”). Either way, the flavor is very mellow (fitting for a relaxation drink, natch!) and easy to drink. Functionally, the drink contains valerian root, lavender, and rose hips – standard ingredients for a relaxation beverage. The packaging is the product’s strongest attribute, with a cleanly executed design that’s very intuitive (what else does “Good Night” mean?). Visually, it’s soothing and appealing, with the nightscape much more appealing than the pharmaceutical style designs that we see on many of Good Night’s competitors. Overall, a very enjoyable product that is definitely one of the better executed products that we’ve seen in the category.


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Functional: Relaxation Drink


8.4 oz Can

Nutritional Info

Average nutritional value / 100 ml Protein 0 Carbohydrates 7.04 grams Fat 0 The energy value of 120.0 kJ/28, 16 kcal


Good Night drink is a lightly carbonated relaxing drink specially developed to relieve stress and improve quality of sleep. The unique recipe is based on a combination of extracts valerian, lavender and rose hip. This relaxing drink helps to regenerate sleep. Moreover, It contains no preservatives.

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