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Last Updated: 7/7/2009 9:48 AM

While Gosling Brother’s Black Seal Rum is the undisputed alcoholic component to the classic Dark n’ Stormy cocktail, the leading brand of ginger beer used in the cocktail has generally been Barritts, which is produced by a Bermudian soft drink company of the same name. Barritts has held this crown for so long partially because of the product’s flavor, but also because of the brand’s history and authenticity -- something that can’t easily be duplicated. However, the entry of this product, Gosling’s Ginger Beer, is likely going to give the Barritts brand a run for its money. First, there’s the Gosling’s brand name, which gives Gosling’s rum an “official” pairing. That should make for an easy sell for on and off premise purposes, especially if the product is offered in conjunction with Black Seal rum. But it’s not all just about the Gosling’s name – the product itself is very well executed. The flavor is equal to what you’ll find inside the leading brand, with just the right amount of bite and a touch of citric acid to cut the spicy finish. This makes it great to drink straight up or for making a Darn n’ Stormy. On the packaging front, the product’s execution is clean and sophisticated looking, with an excellent translation of the trademark Gosling’s brand. Overall, an impressive effort that excels in both flavor and packaging.


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