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Last Updated: 7/15/2013 12:38 PM

Of the three flavors of Green Fit that we sampled, this variety is definitely the best tasting. While the protein flavor is still there, it seems as though the company has dialed down the amount of brown rice syrup, which allows the added fruit flavor to have a stronger presence than it does in the other two. However, there’s still some protein bitterness, which is certainly to be expected from a product with 12g of protein per bottle, and a little bit of stevia aftertaste. The other functional ingredients, which include green tea extract, guarana, flax oil, spriulina extract, chlorella extract, fenugreek extract, yerba mate, konjac, calcium, and B vitamins, seem to impart a “functional” bite to the product. Packaging is a 12 oz. fully wrapped PET bottle. It definitely has a technical vibe to it, both in design and messaging. While some amount of “technical” might be a good thing for a product like this, going all in and forgoing anything that will appear to a broader, more mainstream audience seems shortsighted. Ultimately, there’s just a lot going on inside this bottle and the flavor suffers as a result. And while the functionality might be good, we believe that finding a consumer who wants all of this stuff at the expense of flavor is going to be challenging and require a lot of education.


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