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Last Updated: 11/4/2013 9:40 AM

Of the three Green Mustache flavors that we initially sampled, Orange Mango is definitely the most adventurous of the bunch. First and foremost, there’s the color of the liquid, which is an almost brownish green color. This gives a visual cue to the fact that this is a good-for-you product, which, in theory, is fine, but it makes you immediately question the flavor. Fortunately, the liquid inside the bottle is quite good, with bold orange and mango flavors. But most of this flavor is front loaded, giving way to the flavor of kale and spinach. Other ingredients, such as the added coconut water and chia can’t be tasted at all, which is more than likely by design. Ultimately, we like this flavor, but we’d honestly have a hard time choosing it over Green Mustache's other flavors. Regardless, we love the good-for-you and nutritional angle of the product. It’s loaded with vitamins and minerals and also contains fiber and protein. And the company has managed to do it in a product that’s very approachable from a visual perspective. The Green Mustache brand is playful and fun, while it also does a nice job of communicating the benefits of the product to the parents who are ultimately purchasing the drink. Overall, it’s not our favorite flavor of the brand, but it’s still a good one.


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10oz Plastic

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