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Last Updated: 10/20/2013 1:41 PM

Grumpy Cat Grumppuccino is a line of coffee beverages that currently comes in Mocha and Vanilla varieties. The products are -- aside from the obvious difference in flavors -- pretty much identical and interchangeable. Really it’s just a matter of personal preference (we prefer the Mocha). As for the flavor, the product is milky and sweet, delivering what is essentially your classic bottled RTD coffee drink. For what it appears to be going for (a mainstream mocha latte), it’s certainly successful, but the product formulation lacks anything unique or memorable that would give it an advantage over other products that are out there. Also, 320 calories per bottle definitely seems like a risk in this day and age (a low-calorie option would be a good line extension). Ultimately, this leaves the off-kilter and light-hearted branding as the real difference maker for this product. To that end, we’re sure that this product will catch some eyes for doing something different, but it’s hard to say that this approach will be successful given that it has nothing to do with the quality or credibility of the product. Aside from the word “premium,” there’s nothing that speaks to the quality of the beverage or the type of coffee (which is certainly an important aspect for some drinkers of these types of products). Overall, the branding is unique and the flavor is good, but we think this product needs to do more to pull in repeat buyers.


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