Guarana Amazoonia

by Beverages Business AG

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Guarana Amazoonia

Manufacturer's Brand Overview

Amazoonia, the first natural energy soda AMAZOONIA DOUBLES THE AMOUNT OF GUARANA EXTRACT IN ITS BOTTLES AND BECOMES THE WORLD?S FIRST NATURAL ENERGY SODA Highly appreciated in Brazil and present in Switzerland for several years now, guarana-based drinks are reputed for their refreshing effect and pleasant taste. The Swiss company Beverages Business is today launching Amazoonia, a drink containing twice the amount of natural guarana extract than other products, making it the first natural energy soda in the world. The specific characteristic of the guarana fruit is that it contains a protein similar to caffeine but which moves through the bloodstream much more slowly, hence a stimulating effect that does not cause nervousness. Guarana consumption goes back to the dawn of time in Amazonia. For thousands of years the indigenous peoples have used it to improve their physical endurance and resistance. In 1997, two American and Brazilian studies confirmed these effects and also made it clear that guarana stimulates the mind and memory. The protein called guaranine is very similar to caffeine. Comparisons published in the journal Pharmacology Biochemical Behaviour demonstrated not only that guaranine is not dangerous, even when consumed in massive quantities, but also that its absorption by the body is 40% slower that that of caffeine. The result is a regular increase in energy and an action that is both relaxing and revitalising, contrary to the momentary boost of coffee or synthetic energy drinks. The beneficial properties of the fruit prompted Beverages Business to double the amount of guarana extract in its new drink. Guarana Amazoonia is also intended to be ethical, with part of the proceeds of each bottle going to the National Brazilian Amazonian Indian Foundation (FUNA), which fights for the protection of those populations.

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