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Guru Energy Drink

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GURU Energy Drink
Some say that we, at GURU, pioneered a new energy drink category ? one for the health generation. Hey, we?ll drink to that! In 1999, we had one simple goal: help active people who needed to perform ? people like us ? get through their crazy schedules without compromising their healthy lifestyles. Since we?re not pharmacists, we created a line of energy drinks using simple, natural ingredients. The kind of ingredients you can pronounce and actually understand without hurting your brain.

3 core 100% Natural GURU products:
- GURU Original: Made with organic ingredients, GURU Original?s unique taste and Nature inspired formula is the perfect balance between ancient holistic principles and high-tech technologies.
- GURU Lite: With Stevia, this 10 calorie version of GURU Original is recommended for calorie reduced diets and will keep those extra calories off your mind (and your gut).
- GURU 2.0: Certified USDA Organic, the new GURU 2.0 is for the traditional energy drink fan, who?s looking for a wholesome alternative, but doesn?t want to change his taste habits. GURU 2.0 will help the transition to a healthier lifestyle and a cleaner environment.

GURU also makes 3 non-carbonated energy drinks: GURU Juicy Superfruit, GURU Juicy Tangerine and GURU FullOn Lemonade.

Nature?s Energy?:
All GURU products are 100% Crap Free?: No artificial sweeteners, no artificial flavors, no taurine, no preservatives, no artificial caffeine and no artificial vitamins.
Our Proprietary Botanical Complex is made of guarana seed extract, echinacea flower extract, panax ginseng root extract and ginkgo biloba leaf extract.

GURU energy drinks are available at health food stores and Vitamin Shoppe across the US, and online at For more info on GURU please visit


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