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Last Updated: 5/19/2008 10:46 AM

Given Guru's organic/natural focus, it's logical that they'd attempt a superfruit flavored energy drink. For Guru, that comes in the way of an acai, pomegranate and yumberry blend, which has been sweetened/flavored with organic cane juice, black currant juice, and white grape juice. It's bordering on being a fruit punch flavor, especially since the white grape flavor lingered a bit. That being said, we'd like to see the acai and pomegranate flavors be a bit more prominent. On the energy front, Guru Superfruit uses naturally derived caffeine (from the guarana seed extract) and herbal ingredients in the form of ginseng, ginko biloba, and Echinacea. Packaging looks attractive, using the newer design and a pink color scheme. Our only suggestion would be to emphasize "superfruit" above "juicy," mainly because the former is more marketable and the latter is implied anyway. Overall, a well executed addition to the lineup.


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