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Last Updated: 9/29/2013 11:26 AM

Gutz Energy Drink, which is the flagship flavor of the company’s line of shots and energy drinks, is one of those unfortunate brands that, as is so often the case in the energy category, has put the cart before the horse. Specifically, the company seems to be falling prey to the belief that you can create a “lifestyle brand” without having a product that can actually stand on its own merit. Unfortunately, that’s exactly how we feel about this product. It features “classic” energy drink flavor (you know, that same flavor you find in most energy drinks?) and a simple black can to create something that is sorely lacking in the innovation department. That said, we have to ask: why would anyone buy this product over what’s out there? Unless it’s significantly cheaper -- and that’s a losing battle for the manufacturer -- we really can’t come up with a good reason. So what should Gutz do? For starters, we think the branding really needs to be rethought. Giving it some polish and making it feel personable and approachable would be very helpful. Inside the can, we think it needs its own identity as well. Rehashing the same flavor that’s available in countless other products simply doesn’t make sense. The current strategy for Gutz, which appears to cover a variety of functions rather than to pick one and be innovative, is one that we otherwise don’t see working out.


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