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Last Updated: 12/15/2010 11:56 AM

Using a tag line of "it's good for you and Mother Earth, too," H2O Box's premise is that water in a TetraPak is better than water in a bottle. While there might be some benefit to using a package that's "made largely of paper," it's definitely debatable to say that Tetra is better for the earth since it can't be recycled easily (the counter argument to that is that most consumers don't recycle anyway). Regardless, we think that H2O Box has a bigger issue: the package is just plain ugly. Looking at it, it's hard to tell which side is the front, with the shiny blue being more appealing than the wood grain theme that is on the other two sides of the carton (this side is, in fact, the front of the container). The execution of the design is poor, with an unappealing looking logo that will be a really tough sell against more hip looking competitors. Contrary to what they say (on the side of the box) about 7 of 10 consumers preferring cartons from forest-based materials, we believe that consumers like to see the liquid that they are about to drink, especially with bottled water. Yes, there are probably some cases where this package is more appropriate, but it's a niche at best. And whatever that niche is, we strongly believe that this product's visual execution is going to be a barrier to success.


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