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1994. Two friends had a juicy idea to connect everyone with healthy and delicious food and drink. They had a blender. And zap! Happy Planet is born. 2009. A new idea. Infuse herbs, vitamins, minerals, and other natural goodies collected from around the world into concentrated juices. All formulated to heal the body and mind and spirit. Enter some foodies, a biochemist, farmers, and juice experts, who all add their elderberries of wisdom. Presto! Happy Planet Shots become more than a dream. Mission: Taste. Health. Happiness. It’s all been in our DNA since that fateful day 15 years ago. Now, experience it one Shot at a time. Products: Each Shot comes to your aid when you need it most. Boost your energy. Ward off a cold. Help you the morning after the night before. Repair your skin. Get the idea?

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