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Marketed as a “skin nutrition” product, Happy Planet’s “Glow” is a pleasant tasting product that’s enhanced with a cocktail of ingredients, including sea buckthorn leaf and berry, bilberry, orange peel, evening primrose, coenzyme Q10, rosemary, grape seed, grape skin, and B vitamins. From a taste perspective, it’s actually quite pleasant, utilizing grape and lemon juices along with natural flavors for the base. Added sea buckthorn has clearly left its mark, but fortunately it’s not too strong (pure sea buckthorn does not taste good). In terms of marketability, we don’t think this flavor will sell as well as the others for the simple reason that this is not as big of a functional category. Packaging is a 2.5 oz. square bottle with a grey color palette. For something that’s calling itself “Happy Planet”, the drab grey doesn’t really reinforce the concept of the brand. Instead, the product feels technical and maybe even medicinal looking. A more positive looking color scheme would certainly help – as would making the words “skin nutrition” easier to read. Overall, it’s a good concept and the execution of what’s inside the bottle is good, but we think that the look of the packaging could be improved upon.


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Functional: Energy Shot


75 mL PET

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