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Last Updated: 1/6/2014 1:39 PM

Healthee's Organic Turmeric with Cinnamon drink is a USDA certified organic beverage that features the equivalent of 4500 milligrams of fresh turmeric. From a flavor perspective, the closest comparison that we could make would be with a sweetened tea drink. The base flavor has a mellow earthy spice and a pretty decent dose of sweetness (despite having only 6g of sugar per 6 oz. bottle). On the first couple of sips, you can definitely taste the cinnamon and ginger, but after that, the flavor of the turmeric starts to take over. You can, however, still taste the sea salt at the finish. Otherwise, the product has black pepper extract and olive extract, but neither of these ingredients really seem to have a material impact on what the drink tastes like. Ultimately, the flavor profile of this drink is good, but not great, so you’ll really have to be seeking out turmeric and/or health benefits to really enjoy this product. Visually, the 6 oz. glass bottle is definitely something that looks unique and feels good in your hand. However, the design of the label definitely leaves something to be desired. For starters, the front panel is very text heavy and hard to read. This is exacerbated by the fact that some of the text ends up on the curves of the bottle. Furthermore, the branding of the product feels like it's selling health to the point where you just assume that what's inside the bottle is going to taste bad. From our perspective, the company needs to design a label that is approachable and appealing and still keeps in mind that beverages are supposed be enjoyable and fun. Overall, we like the concept (it's certainly very timely) but the execution of this flavor and its counterpart definitely seem rough around the edges.


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