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Last Updated: 1/26/2014 2:52 PM

Healthy Mama “Boost-It-Up!” is an all-natural protein drink that was designed for pregnant women and nursing mothers. As for flavor and what’s in it, the product has a pleasant mango taste that pairs nicely with the milkiness of the whey protein isolate (7g). Since it’s sugar-sweetened -- albeit very slightly (11g of sugar) -- the product’s flavor is much cleaner than other protein drinks out there. Beyond that, the product has been enhanced with B-vitamins, ginger, electrolytes and fiber (3g). While this product has been crafted with the pregnant and nursing consumer in mind, it definitely seems like something that could be more broadly applied than it currently is. As it stands right now, the target consumer is extremely narrow to the point where it seems like something that can only be sold in baby retailers or direct-to-consumer (traditional retailers would never dedicate space to something like this). Lastly, we think that the company could do a better job with the packaging design, whichever way it decides to take it. The product is hard on the eyes, the flavor name is buried, and it has too much text on the label. Overall, it’s a unique concept, but the execution is just too flawed to be very successful.


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