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Last Updated: 1/4/2013 4:07 PM

If there was ever a beverage that’s straightforward and easy to understand, Heart of Tea’s Peach Tea is definitely it. This product’s minimalist glass packaging is almost instantly identifiable. Inside the bottle, the straightforwardness continues with a blend of black tea, peach flavoring, and sugar (along with citric acid). The resulting blend has a relatively bold black tea flavor, is moderately sweet, and has peach flavoring that should be familiar to anyone who has ever had peach flavored tea. Considering all of these things, we have somewhat mixed feelings about this product. On the one hand, the packaging is super clean and there’s obviously a proven market for sugar sweetened peach flavored tea. On the other hand, this product doesn’t really offer anything new. The one thing that is unique, albeit buried on the back of the bottle and with no further explanation (neither on the bottle or company’s web site), is a call out that the company “believes in sharing 30% of profits with the community.” That’s certainly noteworthy if they can back it up and give it more emphasis. Overall, a solid entry, but it’s hard to see where this product fits amidst the massive sea of RTD teas that are already on the market.


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