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Last Updated: 5/25/2013 10:01 AM

We’ve never had a “Victorian” flavored tea, so we were certainly curious as to what this flavor of Heart of Tea was all about. Unfortunately, the packaging offers no explanation, so we instead had to refer to the company’s press release to figure it out. In the real world (aka store shelves), the consumer won’t have that luxury, which is a potentially serious issue for this particular SKU. As for what “Victorian” is, it’s Heart of Tea’s take on the classic “sweet tea,” meaning that it’s a mix of black tea and sugar (along with natural flavors and citric acid). This is arguably the best tasting flavor of the brand, albeit one that’s not all that different than the lemon flavor, thanks to the citric acid providing an almost lemon-like flavor at the end. Otherwise, the product definitely feels credible as a premium RTD tea and the taste is enjoyable. From the visual end of things, the product presents well, but the blue accent color doesn’t pop as well as the accent colors on the other flavors. And we do, unfortunately, think it’s a matter of time before the manufacturer renames this product to something that’s a bit more intuitive. Overall, a good product, but the name is a stumbling point.


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