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Hiball’s latest addition to its for its line of organic energy drinks comes in the form of a new ginger ale flavor. Like its other flavors, this one is sweetened with Fair Trade certified cane sugar, which gives it a clean and crisp sweetness (it also gives the drink 40g of sugar per can). We can't say that we've had too many ginger ale-flavored energy drinks, but it works quite well. The product definitely has some ginger spice to it, but the level of heat is just right in our opinion. Plus, the ginger flavor does a nice job of masking the functional ingredients in the product. Really, the only way that you can tell that it's an energy drink is the slight burn that you get at the finish (this is likely from the caffeine). Regardless, we really like that Hiball has taken a classic flavor and successfully made it feel new and enjoyable in a way that hasn’t been done in the past. All in all, Hiball Ginger Ale is one of the more enjoyable tasting flavors that the company has created to date. Functionally, the product has 160 mg of caffeine, 50 mg of guarana, 50 mg of ginseng, and 150 percent of the recommended daily amount of several B vitamins in each 16 oz. can. Visually, the choice of green seems like a logical one in that this is a color that is typically used for ginger ale CSDs. Hiball’s spin on it, which uses its white dotted background and minimalist logo, looks clean and polished while also feeling more approachable than your standard mainstream energy drink. Overall, Hiball Ginger Ale is a very nice addition to its energy drink lineup.


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