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Last Updated: 3/19/2013 10:59 AM

The concept for Hi Ball’s Sparkling Energy Water is pretty simple – take carbonated water and add flavor and energy. The result is something that drinks like flavored seltzer water but has 80mg of caffeine (as well as ginseng and B vitamins) to give you a kick of energy. From a flavor perspective, this product goes down very easy, with the best comparison again being flavored seltzer. In this case, the product has a refreshing unsweetened lemon lime flavor that goes nicely with the crispness of product’s high level of carbonation. The packaging is a stock 10 oz. bottle, which they’ve decorated with a clear label and green and white graphics. We’re still big fans of the Hi Ball logo, which has a hip feeling to it, which helps this latest effort be something that should appeal to the health and natural crowd and hipster alike. Overall, a very enjoyable product that seems to have carved out a nice niche for itself.


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10 oz glass bottle

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