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Last Updated: 3/28/2013 9:21 AM

HiBall’s Peach flavored Sparkling Energy Water is a zero-calorie unsweetened product that follows the same format as the other Energy Water flavors. In this case, it’s peach flavoring that provides this product with its subtle splash of flavor. Whether this is better than the other flavors is ultimately personal preference, but, in our opinion, this is definitely a nice addition to their lineup. The peach flavor works surprisingly well in unsweetened form, giving the product a subtle fruity aroma and flavor. We’re big fans of their no sweetener approach for these products, making them super easy to drink since the product is almost like drinking seltzer. But unlike seltzer, this product comes with a 160 mg punch of organic caffeine as well as added B vitamins, guarana and ginseng. Visually, we love the design of the 16 oz. can, but as they add more flavors to the line it becomes harder to tell the flavors apart as the difference in color isn’t that drastic. Not a big deal today, but definitely something for HiBall to think about as they continue to expand their line. Overall, we’re big fans of this product, and it’s definitely a welcome addition to the line.


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