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As far as kombucha tea drinks go, chai is certainly one of the better flavor pairings that we've seen. The chai spice flavoring adds a familiar and complex level of flavor to the drink, while also helping to cut the bitterness of the fermentation. There's minimal sweetness to the drink, which takes some getting used to, but this product is able to stand on its own with the different layers of flavor, so we can deal with the lack of sweetness. Really, this is their best and most unique flavor yet -- and we'd like to see the other flavors follow in the footsteps of this one. Packaging, which has been crafted with a clear emphasis on function over form, definitely stands out, although we're not sure that it's in a good way. Specifically, a dark brown bottle isn't a common package for a non alcoholic drink, and it's not an overly appealing one either. However, of all the flavors in the lineup, the center graphics seem to make the most sense for the flavor. Our only suggesting is that they bump the "Chai Spice" text so it stands out a bit more. Overall, the best flavor of the lineup.


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Tea: Kombucha


16 oz bottle

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Chai Spice is organic, raw, unpasteurized (in order to preserve all of the natural probiotics) Kombucha Tea, brewed traditionally and bottled full strength (in a base of purified water, organic cane sugar & organic tea), along with an extract of the following organic herbs; Cardamom, Chicory Root, Carob, Clove, Nutmeg, Ginger Root and Cinnamon.

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