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Last Updated: 9/23/2009 5:05 PM

The Watermelon flavor of Hint works quite well, which can certainly be attributed to the light level of sweetness that watermelon has in its natural form. Inside this product, however, there's only raw watermelon flavor and no sugar, leaving the drink with a very light mouth feel. We like it and they've done a good job formulating this -- but there's something slightly off with the finish. Packaging definitely helped whet the appetite and we're sure that anyone who has ever enjoyed a slice of watermelon on a warm summer day will feel the same. Overall, an appealing flavor that's enjoyable despite the minor tweaking that's needed on the drink's finish.


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Water: Enhanced


16 oz PET

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fat: zero, calories: zero, sodium: zero, carbs: zero, protein: zero


purified water with watermelon and other natural flavors

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