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Last Updated: 9/1/2011 11:45 AM

Of the Hint Fizz lineup, this variety has the lightest flavor. This seems to be the result of watermelon having a much mellower presence than the fruit flavors used in the rest of the line -- it has a much stronger watermelon aroma than it does flavor. Still, it’s an enjoyable product, especially if you are someone who likes only a tiny bit of flavor in their sparkling water. Packaging is an attractive looking 12 oz. clear glass bottle that they’ve decorated with a relatively simple-looking label. We like the rounded design of the main label, but the label on the neck is somewhat distracting and looks forced. Plus, the label on the neck calls it a sparkling water, whereas the company’s press release refers to it as a soda (to us, this product is not a soda, but a sparkling water -- and a pretty good one at that). Overall, we like the light and refreshing flavor of this product and the simplistic look of the bottle, but some minor cleanup would make it even better.


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