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Last Updated: 9/9/2008 8:01 AM

Hiro Thermo is made by the makers of Tahitian Noni, a muli-level marketing based supplement. The product is designed to be an EGCG-based calorie burner, which is derived from green tea extract. Inside the can, you've got a flavor that was clearly designed to tie back to the function of the drink, complete with a spice that's probably intended to make the drinker think that's the burning of calories. Otherwise, there isn't really any noni flavor to the drink, since the spice and flavor of the sweetener hide anything else that might be in here. Packaging is probably the best asset of this product, delivering a clean and visually catching appearance. Lastly, there's the price, which has a retail price of $65 - $87. To us, it would be impossible to justify this EGCG based calorie burner over competing products which offer better flavor and a lower price point.


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