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Last Updated: 2/12/2013 10:37 AM

A professor is kind of like a doctor, right? A Dr Pepper, that is. That’s basically what Honest Tea is going for with their “Professor Fizz” flavor. And they’ve done a very nice job, especially in creating an all-natural zero calorie offering that doesn’t hit you too hard with sweetener aftertaste (the drink uses stevia to achieve its zero calorie formulation). Otherwise, we like the note of cherry flavor that’s in the drink. It gives the product a nice fruity finish that seems to be lacking from similar drinks. Visually, the cherry image is nice, but there’s no visual connection between it and the “professor” aspect of the drink. To that end, it would be easy to mistake this as a black cherry flavored offering. Beyond that, there’s a certain generic feeling to the drink if you don’t know what the Honest Tea brand is or fail to make the connection between the two. Overall, it’s a nice tasting product, but we preferred the other flavors more.


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