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Last Updated: 2/12/2013 10:39 AM

Honest Fizz Root Beer brings another dimension to the brand that isn’t found in the other flavors: USDA Organic certification. Gone is the Truvia stevia sweetener and in are organic stevia and erythritol as well as organic flavorings. Diet root beer is historically something that hasn’t fared well in our product reviews and this one definitely suffers from one of the issues that seems to plague them all: sweetener aftertaste. However, it’s definitely a lot more tolerable than most of the others that we’ve sampled and the underlying root beer flavor is full bodied and enjoyable. Visually, blue isn’t the color that we would have chosen to accent a root beer but the design is otherwise pretty easy to identify as a root beer. But like the other flavors, we could live without the seemingly redundant copy that’s at the bottom of the can (USDA Organic eliminates the need to say “natural” three times, in our opinion). Still, in the grand scheme of the diet soda category, this package is certainly one of the more visually appealing designs out there. Overall, as far as diet root beer is concerned, this is a solid offering, although it would be even better if the packaging were refined a bit.


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12oz Can

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