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Last Updated: 11/16/2009 11:42 AM

While there’s definitely some decent berry flavor to this product, we found it somewhat hard to find the hibiscus. Still, as far as kombucha drinks go, this one is quite drinkable, with a tolerable level of fermented flavor and the berry flavor doing a nice job of balancing things out. The product is lightly carbonated (natural carbonation from fermentation), which accentuates the bite of the product and gives the product a slightly crisp finish. It’s also got some sweetness to it (sugar aids in fermentation), but only 7g of sugar per serving and, on a related note, only 70 calories per bottle. While it’s hard to say how well this product “works,” we’re definitely appreciative of Honest’s balanced approach to this product, allowing other, more pleasant (and unfermented) flavors to make their way into the mix. This makes the product substantially more drinkable than the competition, thus creating a larger potential customer base for Honest Kombucha than some of the more extreme offerings out there. Packaging also has a leg up on the other brands, taking the familiar Honest brand and applying it to a well designed proprietary glass bottle. The front panel has makes good use of space, with text and visual elements appealing to the eye and easy to quickly pan and read. However, we’re not really sure what the circle that’s next to the flavor name is supposed to be, but it does add a nice color accent to the design. Overall, a very nice job by Honest.


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16 oz bottle

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