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Last Updated: 11/16/2009 11:40 AM

Of all the kombucha drinks that we’ve sampled, this one is definitely our favorite, both from a taste and packaging point of view. Using a “live, organic, and raw” formulation, the product has the traditional slightly fermented flavor that you’ll find in all kombuchas, along with a light amount of carbonation (a byproduct of fermentation). Otherwise, there’s a slight tea note to the product, as well as a healthy amount of lemon and ginger. The added lemon and ginger are what make it a great tasting product, with the sour lemon flavor and spice of the ginger helping to add balance to the flavor of the kombucha. Functionally, you get the benefits of probiotics, although we certainly cannot tell you how this product compares against the competition. From a packaging point of view, Honest has created a very nice looking proprietary 16 oz. glass bottle. The product has raised “HONEST” lettering on both sides, with a large black closure on top. The label design is clean and appealing, with an almost abstract looking image placed in the center of the label. Otherwise, it’s very easy to read, with a lot of thought clearly going into where to place each text element. They’ve also placed the Fair Trade and USDA Organic logos on the front, which is certainly a plus. Overall, Honest’s Lemon Ginger Kombucha is the best tasting and one of the best looking entries we’ve seen in this category to date.


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