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Last Updated: 4/14/2010 11:45 AM

Marrying the fermented flavor of kombucha, the exotic flavor of maqui berry, and the strong citrus flavor of grapefruit, this variety has the most complex flavor of the bunch. Fortunately, these flavors work quite harmoniously together, with the berry and citrus flavors helping to keep the fermented tastes to a minimum. Plus, they've added just a touch of sugar to the mix, which rounds out the mixture and pleases the palate. Functionally, the product contains four types of live bacteria (probiotics), but we cannot comment on how these will perform for each consumer. The product's packaging is one of its biggest assets, with a beautiful proprietary 16 oz. glass bottle. It features raised "Honest" lettering, a clean black cap, and a colorful but easy to read label around the center. Overall, a very well rounded and well executed product from Honest.


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Tea: Kombucha


16 oz glass

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