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Last Updated: 11/16/2009 11:41 AM

With their Peach Mango flavored Honest Kombucha, Honest has done a great job of translating the popular juice cocktail flavor into a kombucha drink. Of course, there’s a decent amount of fermented flavor to the mix, but the peach and mango flavors add a refreshing (and natural tasting) dimension to the product that you won’t find in any competing product. In many ways, it’s not that far off from what you’d probably get from mixing an Honest Ade Orange Mango with unsweetened kombucha. The familiar juice flavor is likely to be a key selling point for this product, especially compared to some of the other, more fermented tasting products out there. Plus, it’s likely to give this product some added mainstream appeal, which is something that kombucha has been unable to do to date. We’re also big fans of the product’s packaging, which starts off nicely with a proprietary 16 oz. glass bottle. The product’s label looks all grown up in comparison to some of Honest’s tea label designs, while raised “HONEST” lettering, clean label design, and an oversized black plastic cap give the product a polished look: we’d love to see Honest make this their default glass bottle for their entire line. Overall, a very enjoyable (and almost mainstream) effort that’s sure to help kombucha reach some new customers who were previously scared off by the overly fermented flavor.


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