Pomegranate Red Tea With Goji Berry

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Last Updated: 7/2/2007 2:18 PM

Honest might want to come up with a simpler name for this product, but we otherwise wouldn't change anything. Made with organic rooibos (aka red tea), they've also blended in pomegranate and goji berry, two ingredients that are touted for having high levels of antioxidants. Nutrition aside, Honest has done a really nice job of using the fruit flavors to round out the natural nutty flavor of the rooibos tea. The dress on the trademark "T" is appetizing and appealing, but the rest of the label feels a tad cluttered. This is due, in part, to the many different messages that Honest is trying to pack on the front panel: a tad sweet, caffeine free, USDA organic, fair trade, OU Kosher. Some organization might be helpful. Still, it's the flavor that will keep us coming back to this product -- and Honest has certainly succeeded in that department.


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Tea: Sweetened


16 oz glass

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